Pre-Need services are for those individuals wishing to select and pay for grave spaces prior to passing. This ensures the individual’s decisions are implemented and reduces the emotional stress on family members. It also reduces final out-of-pocket expenses for the family. Because a grave space is already owned, the opening and closing fees are charged at the time when services are finalized with the funeral home. We offer payment plans to fit every budget.

At-Need services are provided when a grace space is not owned in advance and funeral services are being planned. Grave space charges and opening and closing fees will need to be paid for at the time of the funeral service.

We are a 100% bronze memorial marker cemetery that uses markers manufactured in West Virginia. Markers are customized by family members to include endearment phrases and emblems to represent loved ones. Markers can also be purchased for loved ones at other cemeteries.

24 x 14 Traditional Rose
24 x 14 Traditional Bouquet
24 x 14 Traditional Dogwood
44 x 14 Traditional Rose
44 x 14 Traditional Bouquet
44 x 14 Traditional Dogwood